Local Investment

Every year we spend 2% of our income on replanting trees locally where we show communities that we help creating green environment.
In the future, we will also be dedicating money to our biggest clients’ local communities so they can do the same in their environment.

Our re-investment plan is designed to keep supporting ecological changes in local environment by replanting the trees, creating green oasis where interaction with the nature is not a luxury but a must for human being in order to relax, recover, rest for day to day activities.

By investing part of our income in those green spaces in the poor countries, we can set the example for other organisations, businesses and show that it is possible to truly look after the environment at the same time as well as help local communities improve their health, reducing stress, becoming part of this big project.

Another goal that we set ourselves is to ensure that our manufacturing site will be zero carbon by 2025 and all energy used will be coming from sun and wind. We will be sharing overproduced energy with local villages and communities.

We want to encourage other business that are eco friendly and have similar principles as US to establish collaboration and support those less lucky and create workplaces, culture of supporting each other, more than just a relationship between employee-employer, we want to ensure we all are partners on the greener way.

Supporting communities also means that we could help create safe area, by collaboration with local Council, Police, we can provide good to fulfill essential needs of local people creating great impact that has never been seen so far.

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